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Outsource your Amazon PPC to experts or learn our methodology to bring expert PPC in-house

How Nomadz Take Your Profits to New Heights

Boosting Amazon PPC for Better Sales and Profit

Nomadz is dedicated to enhancing your Amazon PPC performance through our proven 3-phase process of organization, optimization, and scaling.

Establish a solid foundation for your campaigns

Efficiently optimize and automate your campaigns

Experience growth and profit with our scalable solutions

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Hands-on and advanced campaigns

Our expert team provides a personalized, hands-on approach to your Amazon PPC campaigns, using advanced techniques and personalized strategies to drive exceptional results.

Get in-depth insights with our advanced reporting

Stay ahead with constant testing

Achieve maximum results with ongoing optimization

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We’ll be part of your team

As a valued partner of Nomadz, we prioritize your success by becoming an integral part of your team. This close collaboration allows us to address any questions or concerns.

Constant communication with your dedicated Account Manager

Weekly updates through emails or slack

Weekly call for our first month and then bi-weekly call

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Dominate the Amazon Marketplace with Our Proven PPC Strategies

Campaign optimization

We specialize in optimizing Amazon PPC campaigns for maximum results. Our team takes a hands-on approach to ensure the best possible outcomes for your campaigns.

Constant communication

We understand the importance of constant communication in the success of any Amazon Brand. That's why we make it a priority to keep our partners informed and involved through regular updates and open lines of communication.

Software Access

We provide software access and utilize Scale Insights to drive the optimization and scaling of your Amazon PPC campaigns. This allows us to stay ahead of the competition and ensure maximum results for your business.

Monthly audit

We conduct monthly audits to continually evaluate and enhance the performance of your Amazon PPC campaigns for optimal results.

Bid and placement optimization

We specialize in bid and placement optimization for your Amazon PPC campaigns, ensuring maximum visibility and results.

Market share & keyword ranking

We analyze market share and keyword ranking to gain valuable insights and drive the optimization of your Amazon PPC campaigns.

They talk about us better than we do

Client testimonials

"Our company has doubled in revenue every year."

Yaron Levite - Founder of Nature Anywhere

"Nomadz feels like a natural choice to collaborate with."


Hands-on and Available!

“What I like most about working with Nomadz is that they are hands-on and available. They know my products and when I ask them a question they can answer it directly. Unlike agencies where your “Acct Mgr” has to go through multiple layers of personnel to get things resolved.”

Home & Garden Category ​

$100K/monthly PPC SPEND​

From low 6 figures to mid 6 figures

"It's been great working with Stefano and the team at Nomadz. I no longer need to worry about my mis-managed PPC, and I can focus on developing new products and growing my business. Since starting with Nomadz 6 months ago, our sales have gone from low 6 figures per month, to mid 6 figures. I highly recommend working with them!"

Office Products

$40K/monthly PPC SPEND​

They Exceeded my expectations!

"I have gone through multiple PPC management companies over the last 8 years and none were any good. Lucas and his team at Nomadz are the only ones in my experience that know what they’re doing, they’ve done a great job for my brand that exceeded expectations!"

Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

$30K/monthly PPC SPEND

Sales increased over 800%

"We've been working with Lucas/Nomadz for over 5 years in the very competitive segment of supplements. Sales increased over 800% during this hard working period. We value good business partners as equally important to customers. Nomadz is certainly one of those."

Health & Household

$40K/monthly PPC spend

NomAdz was the better choice

"We have used nomAdz off and on over the past few years, but after trying another agency, it was clear that nomAdz was the better choice. Our budgets for seasonal products are adjusted, we have plenty of communication about goals and trends, and the team responds to requests in a timely manner. Our reports, ad organization, and overview are particularly helpful to see how we can adjust on our end."

Patio, Lawn & Garden

$100k/monthly PPC Spend

Giving us the peace of mind

"No one knows amazon PPC like Lucas and Sharel. They are constantly learning, testing and creating awesome strategies for our business, giving us the peace of mind to focus on our mission - growth."

Bird Feeders

$15k/monthly PPC Spend

Trust the nomadz process

Our 5-step Nomadz process guarantees success in optimizing Amazon PPC campaigns.
Trust our proven method for success



We always start with a deep analysis of your specific business and target market.
This helps us understand which strategy will work best for you.


Strategic Planning

Our team of experts will develop a cutting-edge Ads strategy to drive growth and scale for your business.


Goal Setting

We aim to help you reach your goals quickly by first understanding your definition of success.



Welcome aboard! Our focus now is on setting up Scale Insights, organizing the account, and creating reports.


Monitoring & Optimization​

We keep a close eye on your campaigns through constant monitoring and weekly reports to drive continuous improvements and handle the tedious work.



We aim to scale our campaigns by increasing the budget while continuously analyzing search terms and tracking performance.