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How to Set Up the BEST Amazon PPC Campaign

In this video, Stefano Pretto, CEO of Nomadz, dives into the best campaign structures to maximize profitability and efficiency. Discover the unique advantages and challenges of different setups, including single and multi-keyword campaigns, and learn why Nomadz's streamlined approach could be ideal for scaling your business.

I Found An EASIER Way To Scale Amazon Ads

In this our secrets to scaling Amazon ads with Stefano Pretto, CEO of Nomadz, as he shares his expert strategies. Learn how Stefano's team successfully increased an Amazon account's ad spend from $8,000 to $42,000 monthly, while revenue soared from $85,000 to $356,000, all with nearly unchanged ACoS.

How We Increase Profits by $3000 a Week With Amazon PPC Dayparting

In this video Stefano Pretto, CEO of Nomadz, reveals how implementing dayparting rules increased weekly profits by $3,000. Stefano shares insights into optimizing ad performance for time of day and week, directly leading to improved profit margins.

NEW Targeting Type for Sponsored Brand Video Campaigns

There's a new targeting type that very few people know about: Theme. In today's video with Stefano Pretto, CEO of Nomadz, discover how Theme match types, defined by Amazon as keywords related to your landing page or brand, are changing the game for Sponsored Brand video campaigns.

Change Your Amazon PPC Sponsored Brand Campaigns NOW

Join Stefano Pretto, CEO of Nomadz, for a critical update on Amazon Sponsored Brand campaigns. In this video, Stefano highlights the new requirement for adding custom images to your Sponsored Brand ads. Without these images, Amazon may pause your campaigns, potentially impacting your sales.

You're Running Automatic Campaigns WRONG

Join Stefano Pretto, CEO of Nomadz, as he dives deep into the strategies that power successful Amazon PPC campaigns, with a special focus on automatic campaigns. Stefano reveals how these campaigns can lead to profitable ad sales through lower Cost Per Click (CPC), effective campaign segmentation, and the selective use of targeting options.

How to Launch a New Product on Amazon Using PPC Ads

Join Stefano, CEO of Nomadz, as he unveils the secrets behind a successful Amazon product launch that generated over $30,000 in sales in less than 30 days. In this video, Stefano shares the ins and outs of the Nomadz precision-targeted PPC strategy, detailing the creation and optimization of campaigns that have led to exceptional results.

This Amazon Ads Targeting Update Has Changed Everything!

Join Stefano Pretto, the CEO of Nomadz, in this video as he shares some tips on Amazon's newest update regarding Product Targeting Campaigns.

How We Optimize an Amazon PPC Campaign in 2024

Learn all about Amazon PPC optimization with Stefano Pretto, Nomadz's CEO, in this video as he breaks down the intricacies of campaign structuring, emphasizing the importance of a clear naming system and a simplified structure with one ad group per campaign.

How to Increase Sales on Amazon with PPC

Dive into how to scale your Amazon business using Amazon PPC with Stefano Pretto, CEO of Nomadz.

Use Amazon PPC to Increase Profit by $20,000 in 30 Days (Scale Insights)

In today's video, Stefano Pretto, CEO of Nomadz, shares the strategic moves that led to a $20,000 profit increase in just 30 days for an Amazon brand, shedding light on the challenges faced with blackbox software like Quartile, Perpetua, and M19. Discover how misallocation of budgets across products can lead to significant losses, the downsides of VCPM campaigns and why we suggest avoiding them, the impact on organic sales and how eliminating certain campaigns can positively influence your business's perceived value to potential investors.

7 Advanced Amazon PPC Tips for 2024

Join Stefano Pretto, Nomadz CEO, as he shares 7 advanced Amazon PPC strategies, drawing insights from managing over $20 million in ad spend on Amazon in 2023.While providing you with a step-by-step guide on creating effective automatic campaigns, emphasizing the importance of a low initial bid and the use of negative keywords to minimize wasted ad spend, we'll also go over how to optimize low-performing campaigns, leverage Chat GPT, and explore new Amazon features.

How To Optimize Your Amazon PPC During the Holidays

Free checklist here:

Amazon's Sponsored TV - My Honest Review and Strategies for Success

Unlocking the Power of TV Ads: Join Lucas Kwiatkowski, CEO of Nomadz, as he breaks down the basics of advertising on TV platforms, exploring the layout of campaigns and providing valuable insights into potential costs.

Boost Your Xmas Profits: 3 Amazon PPC Techniques

Join Stefano, Nomadz's COO, in today's video as he shares three PPC techniques for holiday profit boosts.

Amazon Headline Ads with AI-Generated Creatives: New Update

Explore advanced Amazon Ads strategies for the holiday season with Lucas Kwiatkowski, CEO of Nomadz as he shares insights into the latest features in Amazon ads, specifically focusing on creative options for headline ads.

Avoid This Amazon PPC Mistake on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Join Lucas Kwiatkowski CEO of Nomadz, in today's video discussing PPC advertising strategies for the upcoming holiday season. Lucas offers cautionary advice on Amazon's suggestions, emphasizing the need for careful consideration of ad spend during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Simple and Effective PPC Strategy: Big Brands Edition

In this video, Lucas Kowski, CEO of Nomadz, shares the secrets of $100 million brand's success through a detailed case study. Lucas emphasizes the effectiveness of our simple PPC advertising strategy, which has resulted in substantial growth for the brand.

Simple DSP Strategies for Customer Retention

Join Lucas Kwiatkowski CEO of Nomadz, in this second part of a two-part video series as he simplifies Amazon DSP advertising for small and medium-sized brands.

Simple DSP Strategy to Increase Your New-To-Brand Customers

Dive into a real-world case study focusing on Amazon DSP for a repeat purchase brand and discover how harnessing new customer acquisition and tracking analytics can fuel your brand's long-term growth.

Quartile: Amazon PPC Audit - 3 BIG Problems

Join Stefano, the COO of Nomadz, as he delves into the intricacies of managing Amazon PPC through Quartile. Stefano will be sharing valuable insights into three significant challenges faced by Amazon brands employing Quartile for PPC management.

Amazon Market SECRETS Revealed: Advanced Category Insights

Join Lucas, the CEO of Nomadz, for an in-depth exploration of a powerful new tool provided by Amazon that offers valuable insights into specific products. Tag along as we demonstrate how to access this tool and navigate it effectively within Seller Central.

Turn OFF This BAD Amazon Ads Campaign - Wrong ACoS

In today’s video, join Lucas, CEO of Nomadz, as he shares a remarkable success story where we transformed a client's account from a staggering 27% TACoS to a much more efficient 18%. How did we achieve this remarkable feat in just a few months? Follow along as Lucas walks you through the strategies we used and why pausing certain campaigns was the key to unlocking growth.

FREE Audit: Prepare NOW for the Upcoming Q4 2023

In today’s video, join Lucas, CEO of Nomadz, as he delves into the upcoming holiday shopping season and the potential impact of October Prime Day, an exclusive event for Prime members, that could disrupt the traditional holiday shopping timeline and why it's crucial to prepare in advance.

BIG Changes to Amazon PPC Sponsored Ads for 2023

Join Lucas, CEO of Nomadz, as he breaks down the game-changing update from Amazon that's set to revolutionize PPC advertising. Discover how Amazon's recent announcement will affect your advertising strategy as sponsored product ads start appearing on popular apps and websites, including Pinterest and Buzzfeed

BEAT Your Competitors With This Advanced Metric | Case Study

Discover the key to maximizing your Amazon success with Lucas, CEO of Nomadz! In an increasingly competitive landscape, deciphering the right metrics is crucial.

Increase Your Revenue by $50,000 by Selling In Canada

In today's video join Lucas, CEO of Nomadz, as he talks about the effective PPC strategy that skyrocketed Nomadz's brand to a remarkable 14% ACOS in Canada. He dives into key concepts that make a difference, moving from a 52% cost per click in the US to a strategic 52 cents CPC in Canada, accompanied by a significant drop in ACOS.

How to Increase Your Profit on Amazon in 10 Minutes

Discover the winning strategies behind a brand's remarkable $10,000 weekly profit boost on Amazon in this essential video featuring Stefano, COO of Nomadz. Discover how to analyze campaigns more effectively, dive into the second optimization method: scrutinizing high-spending campaigns.

Leveraging Google Ads to Improve Ranking on Amazon

Step into the world of advanced Amazon ranking strategies with Lucas, CEO of Nomadz, as he unveils the powerful synergy between Amped IO and Google Ads. In this video, Lucas explores the pivotal role of offsite traffic in Amazon ranking amidst ever-evolving competition.

How To Advertise in Walmart in 2023

In today's video, Sharel, a senior account manager at Nomadz, reveals valuable tips for advertising in Walmart. Learn how to launch campaigns on Walmart's advertising console, explore the various campaign options, and utilize optimization tools. Sharel shares expert insights on setting the right bids, budget allocation, and leveraging Walmart's suggested keywords.

Hidden Amazon PPC Ad to Attack Your Competitors

In today's video, Lucas, CEO of Nomadz, reveals an exciting opportunity for Amazon sellers to gain a competitive edge using Sponsored Display video ads. Lucas shares his firsthand experience of searching for these elusive ads and how they can be leveraged to attack competitors effectively. Follow along as he dives into the concept of sponsored display video ads and explains why they are a game-changer in PPC advertising.

The Dark Side of Prime Day Revealed… And What to Do!

Follow along as Stefano, COO and experienced Amazon PPC strategist from Nomadz, shares how to maximize Prime Day results with a special Amazon PPC campaign. He reveals how some clients achieved 3 to 8 times better results compared to the previous year. In today's video we'll go through the importance of different campaigns, their setup, and any tips for success.

Chat GPT Game-Changer Feature If You Sell on Amazon

In today's video, Stefano will be sharing some insights on how the worldwide digital phenomenon of ChatGPT can benefit your PPC advertising. Follow along with our COO and senior account manager as he dives into what specific ChatGPT features allow you to analyze the Amazon PPC data and help you understand where there’s room for improvement.

This Amazon PPC Optimization is Key to Scale Your Amazon Brand

Discover the proven method that helped an account manager at Nomads scale a brand from $100,000 to over $600,000 per month in just five months! In today's video, you'll dive into the "Top 10 Method" and learn how to make your campaigns more efficient.

How to Use Deals On Amazon To Increase Sales for Prime Day

In today's video we'll discover some of Sharel's pro tips for creating successful deals and maximizing their impact. Follow along one of our senior account managers as he dives into strategically allocating stock, capitalizing on consistent deal frequency, and optimizing visibility for organic sales growth.

Simple Tips to Remember for Prime Day 2023

In today's video join Lucas while he shares some valuable insights into the psychology behind Prime Day and what customers are looking for. Discover the high-ticket items that are in demand, and learn how to attract window shoppers and be patient during the pre-Prime Day period.

New Hidden Amazon PPC Updates 2023!

Follow along as in today's video Stefano, COO of Nomadz, goes through four game-changing transformations that could redefine your advertising success. Learn about the default bidding strategy and the update to daily budgets, uncovering potential pitfalls and wasted spending.

New Scale Insight Course for Free (2023)

Today we're announcing a big step in creating and developing a community of learning and experience within the PPC field, and the platform of choice will be Skool. Join Stefano as he introduces our Skool Channel, how to get in it, and how to best benefit from it.

How to Grow on Amazon with Amazon PPC in 2023

In this video, join Lucas as he dives into the processes that have helped grow three different supplement brands in unique ways. From DSP to bidding on new keywords and launching into new countries, you'll gain valuable insights to apply to your own brand.

This Amazon PPC Campaign Made $10,000,000+ For Our Clients on Amazon

In today’s video, we’ll discover how this highly successful campaign generated over $10 million in ad sales for our clients. Join me, Stefano Preto, COO of Nomadz, as we discuss the campaign structure, targeting groups, and bid strategies that contributed to their success.

3 Simple Ways We Grow Every Amazon Brand

In this video, Stefano reveals our successful strategies for scaling an Amazon account from $150,000 to $300,000 per month.

How to NOT Lose Money While Growing on Amazon

Today Lucas will be talking about common PPC mistakes when scaling, and give some example cases of how to transition into healthier, stable strategies as you move up in revenue numbers.

From $45,000 to $90,000 Per Month By Leveraging Amazon PPC and Repeat Customers

As many of you know, supplements are notorious for being difficult to sell and to get those all-important repeat purchases. In this video, Lucas will guide you through a case study that showcases our client's progress over the past few months, and share his top tips to boost your sales, drive more repeat purchases, and attract new customers.

How To Increase Your Sales During Mother’s Day

We'll cover a few topics, from finding the most relevant keywords to using ASIN targeting to bypass expensive ad costs and piggybacking off of Amazon's own landing pages to increase your exposure. Follow along as Lucas shares compelling tricks to capture your audience's attention and increase your product's popularity during the holiday season without exceeding your budget.

Simple Amazon PPC Strategy to Grow Up To $300,000/Month

In March, we used a simple strategy to get one of our brand's biggest sales months ever. Follow along as Lucas shares the strategy that made it possible to dominate the market and achieve over $300,000 in sales at a 24% ACOS.

Better Data, More Sales with this NEW Scale Insights Feature

As PPC managers, developing a tailored strategy for child ASINs can be challenging, especially when an account has hundreds to thousands of them. Scale Insights has acknowledged and brought forward a new feature to help mitigate this problem, and Lucas shares how focusing on the parent ASIN data can give a better understanding of the bigger picture.

Get Access To Nomadz PPC Experts Advice

Today's video is all about our new learning community for Amazon sellers and PPC enthusiasts. As we all know, the world of Amazon selling and PPC advertising is constantly evolving, and keeping up with the latest trends, tools, and strategies can be challenging. That's why we've created this community - to provide a platform where you can connect with like-minded individuals, learn from experts in the field, and get the support you need to succeed.

Advanced Amazon PPC

How to Successfully Launch Products with Basic PPC Strategies

In today's video Lucas will be sharing some insights on how we boosted our client’s PPC sales from $16,000 to $40,000 in just a couple of months through a straightforward campaign structure and strategic product launches.

Advanced Amazon PPC

Advanced Analysis with the Search Query Performance

We're excited to introduce you to the "Search Query Performance", a mastermind tool for manipulating search term data. Join us on this tutorial as Lucas shows how to effectively compare data from different time periods while avoiding impulsive decisions based on minor fluctuations of the market.

Advanced Amazon PPC

How to Make The Right Moves to Grow Your Amazon Business

Join Sharel Shamis and Lucas in the last episode of their series, as they guide you through four easy steps to reduce TACoS, boost your brand's visibility on Amazon, and explore opportunities for expansion into other marketplaces.

Advanced Amazon PPC

Amazon PPC Tips for Repeat Purchases

In this case study, Sharel and Lucas take a dive into the significance of increasing repeat purchase sales month after month for brands that offer repurchasable products. They will share their insights and tips on the target strategies that are crucial for the successful marketing of these products.

Advanced Amazon PPC

How to Optimize Your Spending for Maximum ROI

Join us on this showcase of how we successfully turned around a brand's PPC campaign after they switched back to our agency.

Advanced Amazon PPC

How to Audit A $300K Amazon PPC Account

Sharel and I dive into our third video on how to analyze and audit a PPC account at a high level. We are constantly auditing our own accounts to make sure we are looking at everything holistically.

Advanced Amazon PPC

Simple But Powerful PPC Tactic with Low ACoS

Years ago I came out with a very simple yet powerful keyword strategy that brought thousands of dollars in sales at a low ACoS. I call this strategy a forced auto campaign. We use all of the single keywords that an ASIN indexes for and bid on them each in broad match.

Advanced Amazon PPC

Organization and Organic Rank with PPC

Nomadz is a team of advanced PPC experts who have all come under one roof. In this call, Lucas talks with senior account manager Sharel Shamis. We are doing a 5 video mini-series on bringing PPC back to the fundamentals.

Advanced Amazon PPC

Back to Basics With Amazon PPC

Nomadz is a team of advanced PPC experts who have all come under one roof. In this call, Lucas talks with senior account manager Sharel Shamis. We are doing a 5 video mini-series on bringing PPC back to the fundamentals.

Advanced Amazon PPC

5 Ways to Ensure Strong Holiday Sales on Amazon

Amazon sellers are constantly changing their holiday strategies when all the data is there for them to make informed decisions. In this video, Lucas goes through 5 simple things we do every year for all of our seasonal brands.

Amazon Ads Educators

Lucas is excited to share a teaser video for the Amazon ads educators program that I am proud to be part of! Nomadz and Amazon ads will be working together on more content in the future to continue educating the community.

Advanced Amazon PPC

How To Manage Ad Spend on Variation Listings with Scale Insights in 2023

If you're losing way more than you're earning, you could have incorrectly allocated your PPC spend across variation listings. In this video tutorial, Lucas shows you how Scale insights can help you determine where to spend when bidding for each variation.

Advanced Amazon PPC

How to Expand your Influence on Amazon by Bidding on your Own Brand

While some think it's a waste of money, you can definitely benefit from bidding on your brand. In this video, Lucas talks about how bidding on your own brand name can prevent you from losing customers to competitors.

Advanced Amazon PPC

How to Build Strong Brands on Amazon

Establishing your brand is crucial, especially in a competitive market like Amazon. In this video, Lucas talks about how we at Nomadz grew a brand mainly through branded traffic.

Advanced Amazon PPC

How to use Shutterstock images in Amazon Ads for Free

Creativity is the spirit of advertising and branding. In this video, Lucas discusses the importance of using high-quality creatives for your Amazon PPC campaign.