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Nomadz tribe are all around the world and treat every account like their own.

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Ancient nomads were able to thrive by adapting to ever changing environments and making relationships with different settling clans as they traveled. We are modern day nomadz - we adapt to the fast-paced changes in the Amazon PPC world and have built the business mostly by referrals and being transparent with all new potential partners.

We grow fast with a reason

About our founder

Lucas Kwiatkowski

Founder & CEO

Founder and CEO of Nomadz, I’m a data nerd at heart and starting managing PPC for brands in 2015.

Starting as a freelancer, I used to do everything for Amazon brands. But people kept asking about PPC and I loved it because I could take my mathematical brain and apply it to real data.  And I quickly learned how communication and transparency were what partners kept coming back.

Once I found my COO Stefano, Nomadz really took shape. We found other experienced freelancers who all had a few accounts they were managing on their own and brought everyone under one roof.

Why nomadz? Because when I started this I was living full time out of Airbnbs for 2 years, being a true digital nomad.  We now have talents from all around the world and promote freedom and growth with each and every team member.

Meet The team

Stefano Pretto


COO at Nomadz, manages more than 25 Million in ad spend, started as a seller an now is managing all of Nomadz team to keep improving our service.
Favorite Expression: Progress, Not Perfection

John Dyall

Account Manager

As a top 30 under 30 recipient in Atlantic Canada, John has made a name for himself as a successful, six figure e-commerce seller. His expertise in the field has led to a position as a Director on the Newfoundland and Labrador Credit Union Board. John is passionate about helping brands grow and thrive, always striving for success in both his personal and professional endeavours.

Sharel Shamis

Account Manager

Meet Sharel, an accomplished public speaker and seven-figure Amazon and Walmart seller with over 5 years of experience in the Amazon marketplace. With a keen understanding of the e-commerce landscape, Sharel has built a reputation for helping brands grow and thrive, leveraging their expertise to help businesses achieve success in the competitive world of online retail. Whether speaking to a crowd or guiding a partner through the complex world of e-commerce, Sharel is committed to sharing their knowledge and helping others achieve their goals.

Philip Asfour

Account Manager

With over 9 years experience as an Amazon seller and PPC Account Manager. I have been able to successfully navigate the ever changing Amazon marketplace for quite a while now. Curious by nature and passionate about everything e-commerce and digital marketing, my goal is to work hand-in-hand with brands to find the most profitable way to scale their brands on Amazon.

Karan Manglani

Account Manager

Karan Manglani is a data-driven brand builder with 15 years of experience with Amazon. He uses a customer-first approach to help companies grow their market share through brand positioning, listing clarity, and PPC. His go-to tools are Seller Central and Spreadsheets. With a creative edge and a focus on data-backed decisions, Karan helps brands navigate through a crowded marketplace.

Umair Nadeem

Account Manager

Umair is an MBA graduate and a Google-certified digital marketer. Not only an Amazon manager, Umair is also a proven business strategist, who has launched and established a brand from scratch, transforming it into a stable, profitable business in just 8 months. His partners' brands have seen exceptional growth, tripling from $700k in 2021 to $2.1M in 2022, and 2023 promises further expansion. Umair takes a holistic approach with his partners, prioritizing a deep understanding of their businesses. This approach and his commitment to sustainable growth strategies distinguish his work. As a certified Amazon Advertising Professional, he has helped 6-figure brands become 7-figures in a short span of time with Nomadz.


Account Manager

Over the past 4 years, Nasko has had the opportunity to manage Amazon Ads for numerous world-famous brands, primarily in apparel & jewelry. He has been able to amass over 5,000 followers on LinkedIn, where he shares his insights and tips from the field of Amazon Advertising. To top it all off, Nasko has a background in running Google Ads and now he is combining that with his Amazon skills to offer his partners a multichannel advertising approach. Favorite phrase: “Keep it as simple as possible.


They talk about us better than we do

Client testimonials

“They treat my business like it's their own”

Acer Chang - Founder of Aceworkz

"Nomadz feels like a natural choice to collaborate with"


Hands-on and Available!

“What I like most about working with Nomadz is that they are hands-on and available. They know my products and when I ask them a question they can answer it directly. Unlike agencies where your “Acct Mgr” has to go through multiple layers of personnel to get things resolved.”

Home & Garden Category ​

$100K/monthly PPC SPEND​

From low 6 figures to mid 6 figures

"It's been great working with Stefano and the team at Nomadz. I no longer need to worry about my mis-managed PPC, and I can focus on developing new products and growing my business. Since starting with Nomadz 6 months ago, our sales have gone from low 6 figures per month, to mid 6 figures. I highly recommend working with them!"

Office Products

$40K/monthly PPC SPEND​

They Exceeded my expectations!

"I have gone through multiple PPC management companies over the last 8 years and none were any good. Lucas and his team at Nomadz are the only ones in my experience that know what they’re doing, they’ve done a great job for my brand that exceeded expectations!"

Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

$30K/monthly PPC SPEND

Sales increased over 800%

"We've been working with Lucas/Nomadz for over 5 years in the very competitive segment of supplements. Sales increased over 800% during this hard working period. We value good business partners as equally important to customers. Nomadz is certainly one of those."

Health & Household

$40K/monthly PPC spend

NomAdz was the better choice

"We have used nomAdz off and on over the past few years, but after trying another agency, it was clear that nomAdz was the better choice. Our budgets for seasonal products are adjusted, we have plenty of communication about goals and trends, and the team responds to requests in a timely manner. Our reports, ad organization, and overview are particularly helpful to see how we can adjust on our end."

Patio, Lawn & Garden

$100k/monthly PPC Spend

Giving us the peace of mind

"No one knows amazon PPC like Lucas and Sharel. They are constantly learning, testing and creating awesome strategies for our business, giving us the peace of mind to focus on our mission - growth."

Bird Feeders

$15k/monthly PPC Spend


528 trees and 5 projects funded

Nomadz & Ecologi

Nomadz helps businesses to sell more products on Amazon. Now its time for us to do our part and save the Amazon.

We plant one tree in the Amazon rainforest each month for every partner under our management on Amazon.

discover our values

Uncover the Power Behind Our Success: The Nomadz Values

Never Stop Learning
Hard work cannot be taught, but a relentless pursuit of knowledge keeps us ahead of the game.

Laser Focused
Stick with what works and master it, instead of spreading yourself too thin.

Honesty and Transparency
Open communication and honesty are key in our relationships with partners and team members. Celebrate successes and tackle challenges together.

Simple Scale, Fancy Fail 
Learning is easy, but imparting knowledge requires simplicity. We aim to make complex concepts accessible to all.

Power in Numbers
Success is achieved faster through teamwork. Share your struggles and make the most of your team's abilities.