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The Power of the Nomadz Marketing Tool

Welcome to Nomadz, your expert Amazon PPC agency. We specialize in using Amazon PPC to increase your sales and profitability. Think of us as your in-house experts, dedicated to achieving your goals on the platform. Trust us to drive results and take your Amazon account to the next level.


Scale insights & automated tasks

Maximize your Amazon business with Scale Insights! The software provides performance metrics, automation, and campaign optimization to lower ACoS, boost TACoS, grow sales, and increase profitability.


organized account

Optimize your Amazon PPC campaigns and scale your company with ease! Our proven methods for organizing and structuring your account will save you time and energy while maximizing your ROI.


defend your brand

Protect your brand and maximize your sales on Amazon with our expert guidance. We understand the value of your hard work and will work tirelessly to defend your brand and ensure you're receiving the sales you deserve.


strategies that continually update

At Nomadz, we believe in setting high, shared goals and continually improving your PPC strategies. It's our philosophy to provide expert guidance and support to help you achieve your business objectives.


guided by data

We're all about data-driven decisions. Our team relies on accurate reporting to make the best decisions for your Amazon PPC account. You can trust us to analyze the numbers and implement strategies that will maximize your ROI.


no goodbyes

We value your previous tactics and will work to improve and build upon them. We won't archive your campaigns if you stop working with us - we understand that businesses evolve over time. We're here to provide human expertise and support throughout your Amazon PPC journey

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For Us, The Main PPC
Goals are...


Sales Ranking

Improve the sales rank of as many keywords as possible and Protect the Top Keywords.


Profitable Sales

Generate incremental new sales at a profit.


Increase your Market Share

By attacking other competitors, building brand awareness and reaching relevant audiences.

Different Businesses
Different Strategies.

get more bang for your buck with the best tactics

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PPC Manager
Advanced weekly reporting
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Scale insight automation
50 - 500k/month
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Account Manager
PPC Manager
Team Leader (Partner)
Advanced weekly reporting
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Scale insight automation
over 500k/month
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Account Manager
PPC Manager
Team Leader (Partner)
Advanced weekly reporting
Communication through Slack Channel
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Scale insight automation
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Client testimonials

“They treat my business like it's their own”

Acer Chang - Founder of Aceworkz

"Nomadz feels like a natural choice to collaborate with"


Hands-on and Available!

“What I like most about working with Nomadz is that they are hands-on and available. They know my products and when I ask them a question they can answer it directly. Unlike agencies where your “Acct Mgr” has to go through multiple layers of personnel to get things resolved.”

Home & Garden Category ​

$100K/monthly PPC SPEND​

From low 6 figures to mid 6 figures

"It's been great working with Stefano and the team at Nomadz. I no longer need to worry about my mis-managed PPC, and I can focus on developing new products and growing my business. Since starting with Nomadz 6 months ago, our sales have gone from low 6 figures per month, to mid 6 figures. I highly recommend working with them!"

Office Products

$40K/monthly PPC SPEND​

They Exceeded my expectations!

"I have gone through multiple PPC management companies over the last 8 years and none were any good. Lucas and his team at Nomadz are the only ones in my experience that know what they’re doing, they’ve done a great job for my brand that exceeded expectations!"

Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

$30K/monthly PPC SPEND

Sales increased over 800%

"We've been working with Lucas/Nomadz for over 5 years in the very competitive segment of supplements. Sales increased over 800% during this hard working period. We value good business partners as equally important to customers. Nomadz is certainly one of those."

Health & Household

$40K/monthly PPC spend

NomAdz was the better choice

"We have used nomAdz off and on over the past few years, but after trying another agency, it was clear that nomAdz was the better choice. Our budgets for seasonal products are adjusted, we have plenty of communication about goals and trends, and the team responds to requests in a timely manner. Our reports, ad organization, and overview are particularly helpful to see how we can adjust on our end."

Patio, Lawn & Garden

$100k/monthly PPC Spend

Giving us the peace of mind

"No one knows amazon PPC like Lucas and Sharel. They are constantly learning, testing and creating awesome strategies for our business, giving us the peace of mind to focus on our mission - growth."

Bird Feeders

$15k/monthly PPC Spend